It's been awhile

Been awhile since I even blogged on here. Just haven't had anything really to blog about tbh. I get up go to work come home shower browse thru the Internet then go to bed and repeat again the next day. It's nothing exciting or enteraining at all especially not something to blog about everyday. Feel the same way everyday see basically the same people everyday. Basically just minding my own business and living my life. I barely talk to anyone tbh like its nothing against them at all. Like I have a friend who gets mad that I don't talk to her well I don't cause she doesn't talk to anyone unless they message her first. Tbh it's selfish and pointless to agrue with someone that's mad at u for not talking to them when they wanna talk to u. Like if u wanna talk to someome then say something to them. The world doesn't revolve around u it revolves around everyone. And I have a friend who I really care about more than anything despite the history and events that happen between us I still value my friendship and really care about her. It's nothing against her cause I'll love to talk to her everyday but it seems like when she only talks to me is when either she's stressed about something going on in her life or just her being and spending time with him which don't get me wrong I'm extremely happy for her I couldn't be any more happier for her. She deserves to me happy she deserves the whole world and more. I'll be lying if I said it doesn't bug me cause at one point I thought I was gonna have that with her but at the end it was just me wishing and wanting it to happen when it wasn't and never was gonna happen. And I have a friend who I just recently saw today at long horns steak house while celebrating my dads birthday, she works there but it's been soo long since I seen her cause we used to work together at one point. It was great to see her and her beautiful smile always happy to see her. Yea we don't talk anyone which I won't argue with her about it if she doesn't wanna talk to me that's her choice. I did do something stupid in the past and the fact she has a bf who at one point I think is weird cause of what he tried to do which he thinks he achieved but in reality he didn't cause what he doesn't know I known his gf my friend for a pretty long but not decades long time and gotten to know her really well especially how she talks. But anyways it's like being hit in face with everything I want and being hit in the face wmoth everyone I want but cant have. I gave up on the whole happy ever after fairy tale in the dating scene. No reason to invest time after time with someone who's either using me or my time to get what or who they want in life despite who they hurt or what they do. No reason to invest my time with someome thats either trying to make me someone they want me to be or someone that's not me or trying to change me. If u don't want me for me then don't bother me. I always had a soft spot for females cause I always thought taking a girls side was the nicest thing to do but recently I decide to not have a soft spot for a female unless I'm either involve with her or talk to her on a daily and regular basis. Now it's time for bed and basically repeat the same thing I do on my days off for one more day then back to work I go.

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